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Labour laws are the laws through which all employee and employer interactions are governed. Employment contracts in particular fall under the jurisdiction of labour laws in India. And, cases handled under the employment, labour and industrial laws of India will require the services of a civil lawyer, constitutional attorney, business lawyer, or even tax advocate, depending on the nature of the case and legal grievance.

Employment contracts, wage regulation, the health and safety of workers/employees at the workplace, and pensions and insurance schemes for workers/employees, all fall under the governance of Indian labour laws. Also, as per these laws, workers/employees are distinguished as people who work as part of the “organized sector” and “unorganized sectors”. Additionally, India's labour laws went through a massive number of amendments since 1947; and hence, the services of advocates specializing in the field of labour laws – whether for just a consultation or the handling of a case – are an essential requirement. And Advocate Mumbai offers precisely such attorney services in Mumbai as per your legal requirements.

Constitutional law regulates and oversees the governing relationship and interaction of the judiciary, the executive, and the legislature within a state. In simpler terms, constitutional law provides the fundamental foundation for the laws of the country. For instance, the law governing individual human rights within India's constitution will outline the execution of any old, new, and accepted law within India's legal system. This means that, if a law or judicial action overturns or acts against the law in the human rights charter that is part of India's constitutional law, then that law or judicial action can be overturned. In more basic situation, constitutional laws are what govern the country's overall social, legal, and political structures and proceedings. In other words, constitutional law is the paramount.

Constitutional attorneys are, thus, those lawyers whose main expertise deals with the laws, rights, and relationships established by the Indian constitution. And civil rights and liberties are (hence) a major factor of a constitutional advocate's professional knowledge and law practice.

In this capacity of legal aid, if you are looking for a constitutional lawyer in your area, then Advocate Mumbai will help you find the best constitutional lawyer Mumbai has to offer within its city limits.



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