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The tradition of demanding a hefty dowry from the bride's family by the bridegroom's family is an old social evil in India that became a crime and can amount to arrest under the Dowry Act in India. In fact, dowry (or a failure to meet the groom's family's dowry demands) is one of the most common reasons till date that leads to murder of the bride, bride cruelty, domestic violence and spousal abuse in the country. “Dowry death” is also a well-known occurrence in India. In fact, dowry demands and the subsequent abuse when those demands aren't met is also a common reason cited for the dissolution for marriages in the country. On the other side, however, there have also been cases where there have been false dowry accusations made against the groom and his family.

A good dowry lawyer from a professional dowry law firm can ease the proceedings of your dowry case by handling its matters and details efficiently. So, if you are looking for a dowry lawyer in Mumbai to handle your dowry case, Advocate Mumbai will help you find the best dowry advocate Mumbai has.



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